Feedback & Recommendations

Teachers have made the following comments in program evaluations:

iconbubble“I wanted to let you know that I received raving reports on the quality of the training you provided to our CTE teachers. (Our teachers)…reported tclassroom3hat this was the best professional development experience they have had since coming from industry into education. It was well worth their time.”

iconbubble“I have been given incredible tools to improve my instruction, bring clarity and focus to my lesson planning and tie instruction directly back to the standards.”

iconbubble“The best workshop I have participated in.”


“Excellent hands-on materials and knowledgeable instructors.”

iconbubble“Came away with products that will work well in my classroom.  Can’t wait to do the student work analysis.”

iconbubble“The collaboration with my peers and the different presentations that were shared using the new formats and tools are priceless; This was absolutely the most professional, effective, and fun learning environment.”

iconbubble“Preston’s vision for school improvement is extraordinary.”

iconbubble“Every hour and every day made my attendance worthwhile.”

Former participants have sent these endorsements:

iconbubble“I have been in education for over 35 years and I can honestly say that I was energized by the Education Design Solutions Workshop.  As a matter of fact, I already plan to participate again next year.  The information I received from the Instructional Design workshop has given me ready-to-use tools to modify my teaching by using research-based reading and writing strategies.  Mr. Webster outlines ideas, models the strategy, and then allows the participants the time to adapt the method for use in his/her own classroom….”

Dr. Mary Ann Barden, Retired Education Consultant, NC Public Schools, Business Teacher, Arizona High School

iconbubble“What feedback2I learned from Preston and his team has been invaluable to my own teaching.  They cut right to the essence of teaching students and proving evidence to the administration that students are learning.  There is something great about showing your principal your student’s work as evidence of learning in your classroom.  Teachers who have worked with Preston have gone back to their schools and made a real difference in their student’s test scores, but more importantly, they have made a bigger impact each day with more students by being better prepared to really teach.”

Anne Cambridge, Pinon High School Teacher and Librarian, AZ

iconbubble“The Professional development I have been attending over the last 3 years by Preston Webster has simply been the best.  I have been to several including SEI and ELL, but I would highly recommend schools use this PD for several reasons.  First, I like this workshop because of the tools created are classroom ready when you leave the workshop. Next is the amount of time given to develop literacy tools.  So many workshops throw new strategies at you, but you’re expected to create materials later.  This leaves a huge gap especially when you have questions. The last reason I like this workshop is because the modeling of researched based ideas.  I can read all day on new teaching practices, but to be able to see how the tools are used and how crucial follow up can be is definitely a concept not normally done by other professional developers.”

feedback3Jonathan Yazzie, CTE Teacher, Tuba City High School, AZ

iconbubble“Knowledge is power and what Mr. Webster offers is powerful.  There is a lot out there about academic integration and differentiated instruction but little on how to make it work directly in classrooms with materials.  Mr. Webster addresses this issue using researched based strategies and instructional design techniques that work.”

Thomas M. Johnson, Construction Technology, CTE Director, Many Farms High School, AZ

iconbubble“Preston’s workshops are an appropriate, practical integration of all the current research on best practices in the classroom. He has already done the synthesis that I always wished I had the time and energy to do after reading a text on curriculum theory. Preston gives teachers the time to put that theory into practice and the opportunity to immediately improve student achievement.”

Dana Greenwood, Math Teacher, Ganado High School, AZ

iconbubble“When I attended Mr. Webster’s instructional design workshop in 2007, I was a veteran teacher with much experience and considered a successful and effective teacher.   The Instructional Design and Academic Integration professional development helped me analyze my instruction, delivery of instruction, and most importantly to design lessons to teach each child while integrating literacy.  My experience with the instructional design experience forever changed my career as a teacher and allowed me to teach students of a diverse background.   The focus is specific strategies to increase student achievement. “

Mrs. Marsha Hubbell-Espinosa
English Teacher, Staff Development Coordinator, Ganado High School